Location in pictures

HALL 1: NMS Hötting West

"Eingang Vereine" - enrance Players:

turn right and left to changing rooms 1-3 (not up the stairs, there is the School, it's closed)
turn left if you want to go to changing rooms A-D
the lang walk to changing rooms 1-3
the building is rather old, there is nothing to lock up, sorry, changing rooms 1-3
the showers
this is the entrance and straight left to changing rooms A-D and to the buffet and the spectators area/ tribune

changing rooms A-D
the showers there

go through the inside door of cabines 1-3 and you'll get to the hall

the first door is the mail entrance to the hall without having to go through any cabines

please use only light soles n your shoes, the hall is fresh cleaned and if we produce to many stripes from the shoes on the floor, we might have to pay till 3.000,- € for cleaning again, so please only go inside the hall with sports shoes with light soles

the hall

opposite the main entrance in the hall are the tribunes
entrance into the house
stairs up to the buffet and tribune
buffet room


the parking area in front of the hall (it's for free):

HALL 2: BRG in der Au

So sieht unsere Halle aus
Wir befinden uns in einem Neubau, das ist natürlich besonders toll. Insgesamt gibt es drei 1/3 - Hallen.

Wir haben eine Herren- und eine Damen-Garderobe.